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Ridgeback Puppies

No puppies available or litters planned right now.  (April 2014)

The puppies are whelped and raised at my Mom's house in
Southern California (Santa Monica area).  We are able to ship puppies
or she can bring puppies to Houston when she comes to visit.

If you are interested in one of our Ridgeback puppies, please fill out our
Questionnaire and email it back to Susan

Ridgeback Questionnaire here

You can contact us at the links below:

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Stardust (Teresa) HERE


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~Our Breeding Philosophy~

We breed for the future of Stardust and to better the breed.
We do this as a hobby and the love of the breed, not a business.
(I think most people know, there is no money to be made if you
do it right and do it for the love of the breed.)
We breed for good tempered, healthy, sound Akitas and Ridgebacks.
Temperament is the most important to us since all our dogs
are companions first and foremost.  Most of our dogs live with
families with children, so they must have a good temperament.
All breedings are well thought out ahead of time, breeding only
OFAd (or vet cleared hips) and CERFd parents.
All pets are on a limited registration.


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