The Stardust Name

"Stardust" was one of my grandfather's most famous songs.
He also wrote "Heart n' Soul", "Georgia on My Mind", The Oscar winning
"Cool Cool Cool of the Evening", "Lazy Bones" and a bunch of others.

My grandfather and grandmother
Hoagy and Wanda

(Left to right)  Teresa, Hoagy and my sister Laurie

Gramma and Teresa in Hawaii

Hoagy Carmichael

My Grandmother was an actress.  Her stage name was Wanda McKay
Here is one of her movie posters.

I (Teresa) grew up in the Los Angeles area and was very close to my grandmother,
"Gramma Wanda".  We did everything together.  Gramma loved having a traveling
buddy and took me on trips all over the world.  Hoagy wasn't much for traveling,
so it worked out well.  I would visit them all the time in Palm Springs and Hollywood.
Hoagy taught me to play golf and the piano, although I never really mastered either
but we tried anyway.  We thought it was only appropriate to name our kennel after
one of my favorite songs of Hoagy's, "Stardust".

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