December 15, 1991 - May 16, 2003

There is so much to say about Max.  He was a great dog.
He was our first Akita and a great ambasador of the breed.
He is why we first fell in love with the breed.
He loved kids but especially Josh.  He was so tollarant of
Josh crawling and hugging him.  He always kept a watchful eye on Josh.
When people came to the house, he liked to do his tricks for them and
when people met him, they wanted a dog just like him.
We have many funny stories on Max but I like what Donna Bennett
said when she heard of his passing.  "Your house will be entirely too
quiet now! Who's gonna snore and keep people awake and giggling all night!
He was a very special dog! Remember him with a smile...I know I will :)"
He did have a snore that would echo off the walls.
We will never forget our good ol' Max dog.

Thank you to my friends for
Max's Memorial Ad in Akita World.
It means a lot to Rick and I !!!
To see it, go here.

max best of breed  
Owners: Rick and Teresa Witte
Breeders: Sherry Wallis & Carol Cochran
Date Whelped: December 15, 1991
OFA Good: AK-7996G41M-T
CERF: AK-1823/95-37

Ch. Yezo's Fort Apache "Max"

              Ch. Ittosho Big Buster O'Youtoos
          Youtoo's Hiroshima
               Ho-Ok's Love Me To O'Youtoos
     Ch. Krystal's Top Gun O'Youtoo OFA
              Ch. O'BJ High-N Might No-Goshen, ROM OFA
          Ch. Goshen's Youtoo's Diamond Gem OFA
               Youtoo's Big Busters Babydoll

Ch. Yezo's Fort Apache CGC, "Max" OFA Good

              Ch. Akita Tani's Daimyo, ROM OFA
          Ch. Tamarlane's Willowdeen Aikon, ROM OFA
              Ch. Willowdeen Tamarlane's Aria OFA
     Ch. Es-Kay-O's Snickers of Yezo OFA
               O'Yuki's Taishi No Tenshi
          Ch. Karasu Oka No Shimana, ROM OFA
               Kamoti's Su Zee Bo Mar, ROM

Max at the age of 9 years in Veteran's Best in Show ring
after winning a Veterans Working Group First.

Max and Josh on May 13, 2003 

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