Uno's kids

Mandy winning Best in Match at 4 months old  (Uno x Annie)
Owners/breeders:  Rick & Teresa Witte  Co-breeder:  Sherry Wallis

Shiner at 10 weeks old.   (Uno x Icon)
Owners:  Stephanie Cottrell, R & T Witte   Breeders:  D. Hawkes, S. Bell, K Wright

Topper at 4 1/2 months  (Uno x Icon)
Owner/Breeder:  Donna Hawkes   Co-Breeders:  S. Bell, K. Wright

Hammer at 3 1/2 months  (Uno x Icon)
Owner:  Donna Hawkes Bennett    Breeders:  See above

All these Uno kids above are now champions!!
Uno has produced 9 champions.
Smokie, Mandy, Topper, JJ, Music, Strider, Jammer,Hammer and Shiner.
See their pictures on the akita and extended family pages.

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