Stardust Akitas:  Breeders of the Following Champions:

1.  BISS Am/Can/Int Ch. Es Stardust's Nightrider CD,  VA, CGC, TT, AOM, ROM   "Uno"  (Ch Tango x Chessie)  1996
2.  Am/Can/Int Ch. Stardust's Night Moves Es CD VA  CGC TT "Dottie" (Ch Tango x Chessie) 1997
3.  Am/Mex Ch Sherob Stardust Oakley  "Annie"  (Ch Sake CD x Ch Annie) 1997
4.  Ch Sherob Stardust The Natural  "Roy"  (Ch Tango x Ch Amber)  1999
5.  Am/Mex Ch Sherob Stardust Osake  "Bat Boy" (Ch Sake CD x Ch Annie) 1999
6.  Ch Skipjack Es Stardust Melody  "Kanani"  (Ch Tango x Chessie) 1999
7.  Ch Es Stardust's Midnight Bandit  "Harpo"  (Ch Tango x Chessie)  1999
8.  Ch Stardust's Gone With The Wind "Gable"  ( Ch TJ x Chessie) 1999
9.  Ch Stardust's Mandolin Rain Es "Mandy"  (Ch Uno CD x Ch Annie) 2000
10. Am/Intl. Ch Stardust's Outamyway  "Smokie" (Ch Uno CD x Sable CD) 2000
11. Ch Stardust's Steppin Out  "JJ"  (Ch Uno CD x Ch Gold) 2001
12.  Ch Stardust's Brand New Day  "Sting"  (Ch Justice x Ch Dottie CD) 2001
13.  Ch Stardust's Got Music N Me LiRic  "Music"  (Ch Uno CD x Ch Gold) 2002
14.  Ch Stardust's Sealed With A Kiss  "Lexie"  (Ch Justice x Ch Dottie CD) 2002
15.  Ch Stardust's Stranger In Town  "Seger"  ( Ch Kash x Ch Gold) 2002
16.  Ch Stardust's Pride In My Strider Kudos  "Strider" (Ch Uno CD x Ch Gold)  2003
17.  BIS/BISS Ch Sondaisa's Cuervo Gold AOM "Cuervo"  (Ch Kash x Ch Gold)  2003
18.  Ch Sondaisa Stardust The Right Stuff  "Dakota"  (Ch Kash x Ch Gold) 2003
19.  Ch Stardust's Red Sky At Night  "Sky Jr"  (Ch Sky x Ch Mandy)  2003
20.  Ch Stardust's Sunglasses At Night  "Revo" (Ch Mochi x Ch Dottie CD) 2004
21.  Ch Stardust's Shez Got Style  "Indy"  (Ch Uno CD x Ch Dots) 2004
22.  BIS Ch LiRic Stardust The Music Man AOM  "Brio" (Ch Sky x Ch Music)  2004
23.  Ch. TR's River of Dreams "River" (Ch Atom x Promise)  2004
24.  Ch. Stardust's Southern Belle of Shinto  "Belle" (Ch Sky x Ch Mandy) 2004
25.  Ch. Stardust's Big Time  "Mas" (Ch Cuervo x Ch Dottie CD)  2005
26.  Ch Sondaisa's Setting the Standard AOM  "Shimmer" (Ch Chrome x Ch Fashion)  2005
27.  Ch Sondaisa's Rave Review  "Rave" (Ch Chrome x Ch Fashion) 2005
28.  BISS GCh Stardust Sherob Georgia on my Mind  "Georgia" (Ch Cuervo x Ch Revo)  Nov 12 2005
29.  Ch A&E's Total Eclipse TR  "Marley"  (Ch Uno CD x Ch Dots)  Nov 13, 2005
30.  Ch Stardust's Slam Dunk  "Jordan"  (Ch Cuervo x Ch Revo)    March 18, 2006
31.  BISS Ch Liric Stardust The Heat is On  "Salsa"   (Ch Atom x Ch Music) March 25, 2006
32.  Ch Liberty's Game Over  "Gagne" (Ch Atom x Ch Strider)  April 14, 2006
33.  Ch Liric's Shagadelic  "Cleo"  (Ch Drago x Ch Music)  April 24, 2006
34.  GCh Stardust's New Sensation "Dazzle"   (Ch Cuervo x Ch Revo)  June 3rd, 2006
35.  Ch Stardust's Sweet Song of Autumn "Crissy"  (Ch Cuervo x Ch Revo)  July 23, 2006
36.  Ch Sherob Stardust Unforgettable Fire  "Bono"  ( Ch Atom x Ch Mandy)  August 31, 2006
37.  Ch Sondaisa Trendy Style "Trendy" (Ch Chrome x Ch Fashion) Sept 2, 2006
38.  Ch. American's Let's Dance Sondaisa, "Faith" (Ch. Freedom x Ch. Sauza) 2007
Ch. Sondaisa Strike A Pose, "Fendi" (Ch. Chrome x Ch. Fashion) 2007
40.  Ch Stardust's Gonna Make You Notice  "Emma"  ( Ch Atom x Ch Strider)  March 2, 2007
41.  Ch. Sondaisa Don Julio Real, "Cabo" (Ch. Chrome x Ch. Sauza)  March 23, 2007
42.  Ch Sondaisa Shaken Not Stirred Jenscot  " Bond"  (Ch Chrome x Ch Sauza) May 13, 2007
43.  Ch Sondaisa's Kwiat Yankee Rose  (Ch Freedom x Ch Sauza) June 2007
44.  Ch Stardust's Good Vibrations  "Wilson"  (Ch Cuervo x Ch Revo)  July 22, 2007
45.  Ch Sondaisa's Third Watch  "Bosco"  (Ch Chrome x Ch Sauza)  Feb 18,2008
46.  Ch LiRic Texas Sky  "Ditto"   (Ch Sky Jr x Ch Salsa)   July 19, 2008
47.  Ch Stardust LiRic Texas Proud  "Stetson"    (Ch Cuervo x Ch Indy)    July 20, 2008
48.  Ch Sondaisa Soaking up the Sun  "Tuscany"  (Ch Chrome x Ch Sauza )  2008
49.  Ch Stardust Sherob High Noon  "Cooper"   (Ch Dylan x Ch Dazzle)   November 8, 2008
50.  Ch Sondaisa's Attention to Detail  "Story" (Ch Score x Ch Sauza)  January  18, 2009
51.  Ch Sondaisa's Patron Gold D'Orguyo  "Patron"  (Ch Chrome x Ch Sauza)   January 25, 2009
52.  Ch Sherob Stardust Cat Ballou  "Katie"  (Ch Dylan x Ch Dazzle)  March 14, 2009
53.  BISS Ch LiRic Stardust Breakaway  "Breaker"  (Ch Sky Jr x Ch Salsa)  Apr 5, 2009
54.  GCh Stardust's Broadway Joe RN, "Joe"  (Ch Flint x Ch Revo)  July 31, 2009  GCh Nov 2014
55.  BISS GCh Sherob Stardust It Had To Be You  "Frank"  (Ch Atom x Ch  Dazzle)  August 31, 2009
56.  GCh Stardust's Dancing in the Dark  "Isabelle"  (Ch Flint x Ch Revo)  October 17th, 2009
57.  Ch Stardust's Split Decision Osho Zen  "Tai"  (Ch Cuervo x Ch Revo)  October 17th, 2009
58.  Natl BISS/BIS GCh Stardust's See You At The Show AOM  "Nick"  (Ch Flint x Ch Revo)  October 30, 2009
59.  Ch Stardust Onyx Queen of the Night "Rachel"  (Ch Flint x Ch Revo)  March 2010
60.  Ch Stardust's Don't Stop the Music "Lizie"  (Ch Flint x Ch Revo)  April 30, 2010
61.  GCh LiRic's Cinderella Man "Braddock"  (Ch Mac x Ch Salsa)  May 1st, 2010
62.  Ch Onyx Take Your Best Shot "BB"  (Ch Flint x Ch Sauza)  November 13, 2010
63.  GCh LiRic's Boom Boom Pow "Fergie" (Ch Mac x Ch Salsa) November 14, 2010
64.  GCh Sondaisa Fyre When Ready "Holster" (Ch Flint x Ch Sauza)
65.  GCh Sondaisa Tough Act to Follow Stardust  "Charter" (Ch Flint x Ch Sauza)
66.  Ch Sondaisa's I Can Only Imagine (Ch Flint x Ch Sauza)
67.  Ch Onyx Shut up and Kiss Me Sondaisa (Ch Flint x Ch Sauza)
68.  Ch LiRic's Show Stopper "Danity" (Ch Mac x Ch Salsa)  March 2011
69.  Ch Sondaisa Peace and Chaos at Skyline (Ch Chrome x Ch Sauza) Feb 23, 2012
70.  GCh Stardust's Good Life "Alexi" Aka  "Elmo"  (Ch Lennon X Ch Dazzle ROM)  March 2012  Dazzle receives her ROM from Alexi finishing.  ROM= Register of Merit.
71.  Ch LiRic's Man of the Hour "Brodie"  (Ch Nick x Ch Salsa) November 2012
72.  Ch LiRic's Come away with Me  "Norah"  (Ch Nick x Ch Salsa) May 2013
73.  Ch LiRic Texas Feel the Heat  "Gracie"  (Ch Stetson x Ch Salsa)  July 18, 2013
74.  Ch Stardust's Family Affair "Oreo"  (Ch Joe x Ch Lizie)  July 19, 2013
75.  GCh Stardust's Bah-da Big Boom  "Leeloo"  (Ch Joe x Ch Lizie)  April 6, 2013,  GCh January 2014
76.  Ch Stardust's Brighter Than the Sun "Sachi"  (Ch Joe x Ch Lizie)  April 13, 2014
77.  Ch Onyx Stardust I Knew You Were Trouble  "Taylor" (Ch Lance x Ch Rachel) May  2014
78.  Ch Onyx Love at First Sight  (Ch Lance x Ch Rachel) June 1, 2014
79.  Ch Stardust's Just Can't Get Enough "Jonah" (Ch Joe x Ch Lizie) July 2014
80.  Ch Stardust Sherob Dancing Queen "Abba"  (Ch Nik x Ch Lizie) Nov 2014 - Lizie receives her ROM
81.  Ch Stardust Sherob Vanity Fair  (Ch Charter x Ch Carly)  Feb 13, 2015
82.  Ch Stardust Sherob Last Dance at Pinnacle "Summer" (Ch Nik x Ch Lizie) 2015
83.  GCh Sherob Stardust I Won't Dance "Freddy"( Ch Nik x Ch Lizie) 2015
84.  Ch Stardust Onyx Mardi Gras at LiRic "Mardi" (Ch Lance x Ch Rachel) 2016
85.  Ch Sherob Stardust Ace in the Hole "Ace"  (Ch Nik x Ch Lizie) Aug 14, 2016
86.  Ch Stardust Sherob" Lexie" (Ch Nik x Ch Lizie) July 2017
87.  Ch Stardust Sherob Counting Stars "Mitch" (Ch Nik x Ch Lizie) Sept 2017

**A special Thanks to our good friends Sherry Wallis &  Lisa Coffey for all the breedings we've done together!!!! 

** A special Thank you to Colleen Sullivan, Sondaisa Akitas - 13 of the champions are out of Sauza and Colleen did everything with these litters. 
      We were just lucky enough to be co breeders.  What a wonderful producer Sauza is!!  Thank you Colleen.